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Prepper Bug Out Bag Jason Alters

Prepper Bug Out Bag

Jason Alters

Kindle Edition
33 pages
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 About the Book 

Prepper Bug Out BagFor a limited time only, you can get our copy of Prepper Bug Out Bag for only $2.99 instead of $4.99. Get it today and start prepping for when SHTF.Your Prepper Bug Out Bag (BOB) can be your saviorIn a SHTF, your bug out bag helps you to survive the initial 72 hours of a crisis. As a prepper, you need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario and how to survive in the long haul. As most preppers have a bug out location set up for weeks, months or possibly even years, the question of how to get to said bug out location remains. The prepper bug out bag is the main tool that helps the prepper to make it to his bug out location unharmed.Are there dos and donts when it comes to bug out bags?Since bug out bags are meant to help survive initially, are will in most cases have to be carried on foot, there is absolutely no space for heavy equipment. While a water purifier is a piece that no prepper can do without in his bug out bag, a diesel generator sure has no place in your 72 hour survival kit.This and other information that will be necessary for your short term survival in a SHTF scenario can be found in this guide.Purchase your copy of Prepper Bug Out Bag today and start prepping immediately. You can become a prepper and assemble your Bug Out Bag.