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Koroshiya Ichi Hideo Yamamoto

Koroshiya Ichi

Hideo Yamamoto

Published 1998
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Oh man, where to start with this series. I have to say this, if you havent read this or seen the OVA anime or watched the movie, be warned. Its pretty graphic, almost SAW or THOSE WHO KILL graphic.The series revolves around Ichi, a.k.a Ichi the Killer, as he is abused and manipulated by his only friend and boss to kill Kakihara, a masochistic yakuza boss who loves sharing his multitude ideas of pleasure with his men as well as enemies.This series was an interesting read into the psyci of a twisted as well as broken mind, though of course one shouldnt assume its a 100% accurate. The fact that Kakihara is seeking his lovers murder though malicious means gives the story that harsh, gritty Russian mouth wash after taste that reveals the brutality of the mob world as well as Ichis story shows the dangers of being naive to the kindness of strangers. His boss, whos name I can NEVER for the life of me remember, willingly uses and eliminates everyone in his employ in order to get Ichi to his target, twisting Ichis already broken mind into believing that his enemies have always been just that since he was child.The series is a great read, though its good to take it in pieces at times goes really deep into the BDSM worlds extreme fetishes at times, and while I pride myself on being pretty hard core with horror, I learned about a few fetishes and body modifications I honestly still wish I was ignorant to.